a purposeful digital agency

We Develop Technology for Social Good

.studio focusses on partnering with NGOs, startups and businesses that focus on changing the world positively. We have years of experience working with the unique needs of human rights groups, campaigning organisations and media houses.

What We Offer


We help design innovative digital products, translate complex technical concepts, and find the right solution to develop.

Collaborative Development

We are highly communicative. Our work involves working together closely, with tight feedback loops. Developers work directly with our clients, making software together.

On Call Support

Providing support in complex digital systems, databases, and code bases, we do maintenance and ensure longevity.

Polished Digital Products

We create seamless digital experiences using full-stack development, we ship on time and host products as they grow. We consider the product's user at every step of the process.

Niko Para

Niko Para


Niko has a decade of work with NGOs, agencies, and startups creating high quality software applications behind him. He co-founded Syrian Archive, and has deep experience in domain modeling and databases. He has a strong love of functional programming and elegant systems.

Tilman Miraß

Tilman Miraß


As full-stack engineer Tilman is combining years of experience in (web) technology with an academic background in political science. He is passionate about building meaningful products that are functional and beautiful.


Individually or as a team we have worked with the following clients.

Technologies We Use

Apps, Web Apps, & Native

React Native, Flutter, Dart & Electron, we are capable of making quality phone apps, desktop software, and rich web applications. When servers are needed, we have extensive experience in Google Cloud, AWS, python, clojure, and linux server management.

Deeply Linked Data

We are skilled in graphs, trees, and other complex forms of data. We can extract, query, and analyze from many formats and reveal connections that may not have been expected. We understand Semantic Web, Datalog, Neo4j, graphQL.

Maps & Geographies

We have experience in OSM, Leaflet, Mapbox, geographic shape data, and querying and analyzing this.

Complex Interactivity

We create functional interfaces with intricate state management, real time application features, and chains of asynchronous interactions. We are experts in Typescript, ReactJS, Reagent, RxJS, and Clojure(Script), svelte, and many other frontend frameworks.

Data Modeling

We deliver backends and information architectures that fully express the problem space. We believe in domain driven design. We create immutable, persistent and versionable datastores. We have experience in PostgreSQL, AWS, Datomic, XTDB, mongoDB and many more.

Machine Learning

We can deploy and implement a variety of Machine Learning models to gain additional insights about data and business practices.

Archiving & Preservation

We deeply understand the problems researchers face with archiving and technology. We have years of experience in automated archiving of information, websites and scraping. Niko has written extensively about the topic.


Drop us a line at hey@dot.studio.